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Judah Praise

"'...Who will be the first to go up and fight for us against the Canaanites?' The Lord answered, 'Judah is to go; I have given the land into their hands.'"

Judges 1:1-2

What a difference music makes in our lives! Music is a vehicle for praising our Father and Savior, and this simple fact makes participating on the Praise Team a high and noble calling. We can find satisfaction in producing great music together, but our ultimate purpose is to develop and best use the vocal, instrumental, and technical abilities God has given us to assist the congregation to wholeheartedly praise God through music.

If you are a skilled singer, excited about your personal relationship with Jesus and committed to ushering the congregation in an uplifting worship experience, then we hope you will consider joining the Judah Praise Worship Ministry.  

Judah Praise

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