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New Life Mighty Men of Valor

New Life Christian Church
Mighty Men of Valor Men’s Ministry

Statement of Purpose

Proverbs 22:6

New Life Mighty Men of Valor (NLMMOV) Men’s Ministry seeks
to intentionally and inter-generationally develop men
to become Priests, Prophets, Providers, Protectors,
and Pursuers of God’s Purpose for their lives
as they serve in their homes, church, and community.

Photos by: Clint Arnold

Mighty Men of Valor Message Corner

Greetings Mighty Men of Valor (MMOV)—All men come as you are and depart and Christ desires.
As always, I pray for the MMOV and encourage each of you to pray for me. I hope that our time together sharing the Word of God is strengthening and encouraging to your spirit and worthy of your presence.  I’m looking forward to our fellowship this month which is titled “Jesus Had a Team”.  Although we come prepared with a morning topic for discussion, our meetings are never confined to a planned agenda.  We come prepared to open our hearts and minds, but we never step on the move of the Holy Spirit.
I hope to see you on November 26, 2022 @ 10:00 AM at the Golden Corral Buffet in Ontario, CA.  Be ready , Be ready, Be ready for an inspiring time as men engaging in an inspiring and revelatory  time in God together.
In closing, I offer this thought for our upcoming session:
Servant leadership is not only about building ourselves up, but building others too.  Jesus made working together as teams to build the Kingdom of God an essential element of the Christian faith, and a delicate but fundamental task of Christian leadership.  So too, the MMOV must foster a sense of belonging, community, and purpose.
In Service of New Life Christian Church (NLCC)
Your brother in fellowship & Christ,
Ronald Robinson Sr.

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